New Auto Glass Care Instructions

Now that you have a new windshield, it is important to follow the guidelines listed below to ensure the windshield can be properly set.

  • Please do not wash your car for 48 hours after the installation has been performed. Rain is ok; however, if it is raining, try to limit driving the vehicle as much as possible to allow for the adhesive to set.
  • Crack your side windows about an inch for the next 24 hours to prevent air pressure from causing the adhesive to leak.
  • Do not touch or put pressure on the windshield for 48 hours.
  • Do not put anything on your dashboard that could knock the windshield for the next 48 hours.
  • Do not use a car cover on the outside of the vehicle for 48 hours.
  • If there is retention tape on the windshield, you may remove it in 24 hours. This helps the windshield to stay secure until it has finished setting.
  • Limit jarring of the windshield for the first 48 hours. Be careful not to slam doors, and limit unnecessary driving to avoid potholes and bumps.

Auto Glass Repair Instructions for Chips

Windshield repair is a process that helps to prevent or slow down the spreading of a chip or crack. It does not guarantee the chip will not splinter and spread. If it does spider out and crack in the next 12 months, bring your vehicle back in, and we will take the cost of the repair off your windshield replacement.

Note: this process does not make the chip disappear. You will still see the chip; however, it will be sealed to prevent spreading.

To ensure a proper sealing, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep the area dry for the next 24 hours.
  • The UVAs in sunlight are good for the curing process. Park your car in a sunny spot.
  • Avoid use of windshield wipers for the next 24 hours.