Acceptance & Return Policy

All work performed by Mike’s Glass and Mirror (MGM) is a custom product, and refunds, exchanges, or returns are not allowed. Any non-customized material that is returned within 24 hours is subject to a 20% restocking fee. MGM shall not be liable for any allegedly defective product unless MGM first has the right to inspect such product and verify the defective condition to ASTM codes C1036, C1048, C1503, etc. (Refer to ASTM.ORG for further clarification and industry standard specifications).

The risk of loss of all goods purchased by the customer passes to the customer once the goods are received or picked up by the customer. Customers are required to inspect goods upon receipt and to immediately notify MGM of all product issues. MGM will not be held responsible for damage to products that may have occurred after receipt by the customer. MGM has no responsibility to any customer or third party for glass breakage, improper use, improper handling, faulty, incomplete, incorrect, or misuse of any of its products as it relates to system design(s) and/or application types.